Welcome to Animal Prayers

Welcome to Animal Prayers a site dedicated to the spiritual nature of animals and for the people who love animals.  A website site dedicated to gathering prayers that address our various relationships with animals from all spiritual traditions around the world into a unified prayer archive. Prayers for our animal friends that live with us and prayers of mourning at the loss of an animal friend. From prayers for animals in shelters, for animals that are suffering, for farm animals, for the hunted and the endangered, to prayers for the well-being of animal caretakers Our goal is to create a an online resource for animal lovers that will provide comfort, help and inspiration.

Here you will find prayers about and for animals both wild and domestic.  We hope you enjoy this site and if you know of a prayer that is not on the site you are encouraged to share it with us.

You will also find links to Animal Blessing Events and Animal Rescue Adoption Events. If you have an event you would to post please click here: Event Submission