Liturgy for Sick Animals

Liturgy for Sick Animals

Leader: The Spirit of the Lord is with us.
All: And with all creation.

Leader: Let us praise our Creator.
All: And give thanks for the wonderful earth.

Leader: Let us sing a song of praise with the whole creation.
All: Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Leader:  We have come together to proclaim the work of Christ our liberator: the very agent of God who abolishes death, heals the sick, identifies with the outcast, defends the vulnerable, cares for the poor, frees us from evil, and inaugurates a kingdom of peace and justice for all creatures.

We praise you who liberates us and all creation from suffering and injustice. As Christ cared for the human poor and despised, so we must care for those in our power [and especially our fellow creatures abused and tortured in our midst.]

Especially we pray for these innocent animals who suffer through no fault of their own and for whom Christ also died.

Leader: Christ the healer
All:  liberate you from pain.

Leader: Christ the redeemer
All: restore you to health.

Leader: Christ the new creature
All: make you whole.

The leader continues

May the Lord give us courage to defend the weak and the vulnerable, and make us strong in mercy and generosity to advance God’s justice until the end of our time on earth. Amen.